Single Line Kites

Suitable for Young Children


26cm W/span with 2.1m tail, robust and will often self launch from the ground. Gentle to moderate winds.

$15 (with line)


58cm W/span, nylon and fibreglass spars, with 2.3m tails. An attractive and efficient flier. Gentle to fresh winds.
Price TBC (with line)

Suitable For Novice Fliers


1.4m W/span, 3 colour parka nylon skin with fibreglass frame. A great flier and very popular. Light to fresh winds.
$39 (with line)


1.4m W/span, printed Koru design. 1 colour parka nylon skin with fiberglass frame.
$39 (with line)


70cm wingspan folding fibreglass frame, art printed ripstop skin and tail, line and bag. Very compact travelling kite!


5 sq ft , 4 celled foil in U/L ripstop polyester. Top quality pocket kite. Light to strong winds.
$85 (with line)


7 sq ft , bigger version of the previous kite. Light to strong winds.
$110 (with line)


Ripstop nylon skin and fibreglass frame. Designed to fly unattended in the widest weather conditions. For vineyards, orchards and gardens as a bird scarier, great flying kite too! Light to strong winds.
a). Skycrow kite only : 152cm wingspan, 80cm height $60 (#3 line $6 extra)
b). Skycrow kite with collapsible 5m pole, h/d fibreglass ground post $140
c). Skycrow birdscarer set with stainless steel swivel mount base, bird, pole $295


2m W/span delta kite in ripstop nylon and fibreglass/Glaspar frame. A robust, light weight, stable flying kite designed to pull out a long line in offshore winds. Complete with tacking line and instructions. Light to strong winds.
$149 (kite only)

Suitable For Intermediate Fliers


10 sq ft parafoil in light weight ripstop polyester in 6 cell design for single sea kayak down wind sailing. Comes with stabilising drogue and sailing instructions. Light to strong winds.
$210 (kite only)
$20 (130ft line)
$230 (total)


15 sq ft parafoil, a bigger version of the previous kite, for double sea kayaks needing more pull. Light to strong winds.
$265 (kite only)
$30 (200# line)
$295 (total)

Suitable For Advanced Fliers


40 sq ft parafoil in ripstop nylon. 2.45m W/span, 1.6m deep. A large serious lifting or pulling kite, with drogue.
$450 (kite only)
700KG Dyneema line $200

For information on larger kites like the larger Peter Lynn range contact us for more details and prices.

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